Upfront Website Quick Fix Pricing

Affordable Website Repair Packages – Website Quick Fixes

  • One Quick Fix


    • Pay As You Go As Needed
    • 1 Website Quick Fix
    • 3 Hour Response Time To Fixes
    • Real Live Customer Service 24/7


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  • Three Quick Fixes

    Save $20.00 Off

    • Save $20.00 Off
    • 3 Website Quick Fixes
    • 3 Hour Response Time To Fixes
    • Real Live Customer Service 24/7


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  • Six Quick Fixes

    Save $60.00 Off – Best Deal

    • Save $60.00 Off
    • 6 Website Quick Fixes
    • 3 Hour Response Time To Fixes
    • Real Live Customer Service 24/7


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  • What qualifies as a Website Quick Fix?

    Any job that takes us one hour or less to complete.

    Services Include:

    • Most Website Repairs *limited*
    • Font and Color Changes
    • Content Management System Installation
    • Plugin, Theme or Script Installation *limited*
    • Minor Design Customizations *limited*
    • Configuration Tweaks *limited*
    • Contact Form Setup *limited*
    • Spam Blocker Setup *limited*
    • Page, Menu, Post, Image Creation/Removal *limited*
    • Simple Errors *limited*
    • And many more services, just ask!

    If what I need doesn’t qualify as a Website Quick Fix?

    If your problem or job doesn’t qualify as a quick fix or you need a faster response time (emergency rates), please fill out our Free Quote form or talk with one our experts via our one and only 24/7 Website Repair Live Chat for an almost instant estimate and price to get your job completed successfully and on time.

  • What if I qualify for a Website Quick Fix?

    Step 1: In order to provide those services we’re going to need the following access details to perform the job successfully:

    • Website or Content Management System Dashboard Username and Password
    • Hosting Control Panel Username and Password

    Click here to submit the required details through our secure online form to speed up the process.

    Then Step 2: Order your Website Quick Fix or Package and wait for email confirmation of your order!

    If all is well with your order, our experts will be alerted immediately and assigned specifically to your Website Quick Fix within the given response time. We will email you through every step of the process. If for any reason we cannot complete the job within 1 hour after the purchased response time, we will refund your money in full if you so choose! 95% of our quick fix orders have been fulfilled, so no worries that your job will undoubtebly be in good hands! If not, we will quickly refund your money via Paypal and offer you our going rate to get it fixed past that given timing which may still be an option for you. Either way, your money is 100% safe no matter if the project can be completed or not.

Website Quick Fix orders will be honored for up to 6 months before expiration. You’re free to use your Website Quick Fixes as you need them and when you need them. After the 6 month expiration after receipt of purchase, any remaining Website Quick Fixes tied to your account will be considered null and void. Please pay attention to our response times, they are bound to change depending on flow of business, but if you require emergency help and don’t have enough time to wait our given response times, contact us through 24/7 Live Chat and our website repair experts can taylor you an emergency service to get the job done immediately if needed. We are here for you 24/7 no matter what you need!